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Saving money is always a top priority for bargain shoppers, and now BrickSeek makes it easier than ever to find great deals online! With so many online retailers and products available, it can be challenging to find the best deals around the web. We all know that BrickSeek is a fantastic resource for saving money on in-store purchases, but you can also use it to save money from the comfort of your own home to find some amazing online deals, too!

Online Deals

BrickSeek scours dozens of retailer sites to find the best online deals and brings them to you first. You can customize the type of online deals we search out for you by creating your own Online Deal Alerts. Online Deal Alerts allow you to select product categories that you want us to monitor for you, and when we detect a deal on an item in that category, we email you so that you’re the first to know. These deals are often insanely good and sell out quickly, so make sure you jump on them right away.

Browse Online Deals

Amazon Warehouse Deals

More than half of all Americans have purchased something from Amazon.com. Most of us are familiar with the more common ways to save when shopping online there, such as taking advantage of Lightning Deals or clipping a digital product coupon. But a surprising number of people are unaware of the super easy way to save even more — up to 70%! — at the retail giant. Amazon Warehouse Deals are the secret to those huge savings. They are also oftentimes referred to as “Like New” deals and “Open Box” deals.

You can easily find these deals by using our product search bar to look for an item that you want to buy and then sorting the results by their “used price.” Once you click on the used price, you will be directed to Amazon, where you can see the “New and Used” price options on the right side panel. Make sure you’re selecting an item sold by Amazon Warehouse, and be sure to read the detailed description of the condition before purchase. All Amazon Warehouse Deal items go through a quality check before being listed for sale and they are backed by Amazon’s 30-day return policy!

Pick-up Deals

Another great way to save money with BrickSeek is by taking advantage of pick-up deals, where you can order online and pick up your purchase in-store. Pickup deals are the perfect way for you to save money and still get your item right away; and many stores offer curbside pickup, including Walmart, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Office Depot, Target, Staples, Kohl’s, Dollar General, Academy Sports, and Sam’s Club. This feature is available to BrickSeek Premium and Extreme members and is easy to use; just look for the “Order for Pickup” button at the bottom of the deal tile!

Save More with an Annual Membership

We rolled out our annual subscription plans for both Premium and Extreme memberships at the end of last year, and BrickSeek members were thrilled! You can save even more when you subscribe to a BrickSeek annual membership and get two months of membership for FREE! Click here to join the deal hunt with a BrickSeek annual plan, and start enjoying all the benefits of BrickSeek membership, including all the amazing ways we find to save online!

Get 2 Months FREE

Watch as BrickSeek Head of Customer Success, John O’Keefe-Myrick, shows you how to use BrickSeek to find Amazon Warehouse Deals.

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