BrickSeek Membership Challenge

Alicia F.

The BrickSeek Membership Challenge is an exclusive monthly giveaway for our BrickSeek One Members. BrickSeek One makes it quick and easy to save the cost of your membership and more, and now you can get rewarded for saving! As if you needed another incentive to save money.

Participating is simple:

  1. Score any deal using your BrickSeek One Membership that saves you the cost of your membership ($10+)
  2. Share a photo of your item via a post in one of our Facebook groups: BrickSeek Deals Group or BrickSeek Online Deals Group
  3. In your new post, include a screenshot of the BrickSeek feature where you found the deal and include the two hashtags: #BrickSeekChallenge #BrickSeekOne

BOOM, that’s it! Every single month we do an exclusive giveaway for the members that complete the BrickSeek Challenge. You'll receive an entry for every single item you enter following the steps above. No maximum! For example, if you complete the challenge 10 times and you submit all 10 posts, that’s 10 entries into that month’s giveaway! *Deals must have been scored within the last 30 days to qualify.

Ramy from our Facebook group received an entry into April's Membership Challenge when he saved, well over the cost of his $10 membership, with this one pick up deal:

"This is why BrickSeekOne [sic] is worth it. I scored this deal on the electronics tab at my local Best Buy. I ordered this online for pick up in my local store. It’s that easy It was normally $69.99 I got it for $31.99 a savings of $38.00 #brickseekone#brickseekchallenge"

Alicia F.

Creative Director
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Alicia F.

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