7 Simple Steps to Help Locate Items In-Store

Bethany H.

BrickSeek is dedicated to our mission of helping our users live life at half price by finding the best deals and discounts on all the things you need to buy. Our tools are the best on the web for locating those deals and bringing them to you first.

Many of the deals we find require a visit to your local store to snag. We know that once you’re inside the store, your deal hunt can hit some obstacles, and we want to ensure our members are equipped with the knowledge and tips to help make your trip a successful one.

7 Simple Steps to Help Locate Items In-Store:

  • Check the regular assigned shelf location (duh!)
  • Look all around the regular assigned shelf location — high, low, above, underneath, left, right — you get the idea. This means checking the very top of the shelf where “overstock” is stored; checking allllll the way down the left and right sides of each shelf; the opposite side of the shelf; and yes, sometimes even underneath the shelf (once found a Batmobile LEGO set that way!)
  • Check end caps (these are the flat “ends” of every shelf that face the main aisles)
  • Check any designated clearances areas within that specific store department, as well as any aisles that your store has designated as storewide “clearance aisles”
  • Check Lawn & Garden, especially for the big stuff! You know those super big steel shelves that stretch all the way up to the ceiling in both the indoor and outdoor sections of Lawn and Garden? Those are great spots to find overstock merchandise, especially big bulky stuff like Power Wheels and swimming pools. Make sure to look way up high towards the ceiling, as the top racks are usually where this overstock is stored.
  • Walk around the ENTIRE store, checking other departments and aisle walkways. We’ve found clearanced coolers over in the grocery section and discounted toys in Sporting Goods.

  • If you’ve followed all these steps and still can’t find the items on your own, ask for help! We provide you with the barcode for every deal item — have it pulled up on your phone and very politely ask an employee to scan it for you with their “handheld.” This will tell the employee how many of that item should be available at that store. You can then kindly ask that employee to please check the back storage room to see if they can locate the item for you. (You may need to work with more than one employee to find someone who is willing to go this extra mile in helping you locate your item.) The extra effort is worth it in the end when you score that amazing deal!

As always, our goal here at BrickSeek is to help you successfully score amazing deals and save a ton of money! Happy Deal Seeking!

Bethany H.

Content Director at BrickSeek
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