4 Tips to Save on Valentine’s Day

Bethany H.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner; and between expensive flowers, gifts, and dinners out, it can drain your wallet. Follow these four tips to save yourself a ton of money, while still spoiling your Valentine!

1. Celebrate at Home

Save some serious cash and avoid the crowds and long restaurant lines by celebrating Valentines Day at home. Spend time with your Valentine and cook together. A simple pasta dish can cost over $10 in a restaurant but can be made for pennies on the dollar at home. Save on champagne or other liquor by buying wholesale at Sam’s Club, where you don’t need a membership to buy cheap alcohol! A simple and inexpensive dessert like sorbet can round out your meal, while saving you a ton of money.

2. Consider a Handmade Valentine’s Gift

It’s the thought that counts, right?! Sometimes a gift that took a lot of thought to put together can mean more than something quick and expensive. Making a handmade card, putting together a “Coupon Book” that your loved one can redeem throughout the coming year, or gathering up some photos into a framed collage are thoughtful gifts that won’t be tossed away in a few days.  

3. Skip the Florist

Everyone loves getting flowers on Valentines Day, but a quick trip to the florist can drain your wallet. Save yourself a ton of money by skipping the expensive florist and buying your flowers from your grocery store or a big box retailer like Target or Trader’s Joes. A tip to keep in mind:  Roses need to be kept very cold — ice cold! Outside of the range of 32-36*, roses will start to lose life with each passing minute. So skip buying them out of a bucket in the store or along the road, and look for a refrigerated flower display inside your local grocery or big box store. So long as they are kept cold, these flowers will hold up the same as if you had bought them from a florist and paid a boatload more.

4. DIY Your Kids’ Valentine’s Day Card Exchange

Every school-aged kid looks forward to that yearly classroom card exchange on Valentine’s Day, but those pre-made Valentine’s Day card kits can be pricey. Save money and keep your young ones entertained by crafting your own Valentines! A cute pun on simple card stock, tied to an inexpensive treat, will definitely be more memorable than yet another pre-made Valentine. Some of our favorites include a note that says “I’m so glad we’re in the same school!,” tied to a bag of some Goldfish crackers or “I think you’re just write!” tied to a pencil. So cute!

For a free printable DIY Kid’s Valentine project, check out our blog post here!

Bethany H.

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